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EMILIA 60x30cm

For tile type: sassi
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To make a good choice, it is possible to order a sample of this tile. Samples may be smaller in size than the original. You can order up to 4 samples per item. If you order a beautiful wall or floor from us, you will receive a refund for the sample costs. So don't replace and order now!

Product description
The EMILIA 60x60 is a square tile made of high-quality cement with granulate material and is ideal for both floors and walls. This terrazzo tile has a matte finish, which gives it a rustic vintage look. What sets this tile apart is that it is handmade, making each piece unique. In addition, the EMILIA 60x60 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is resistant to heat, making it also suitable for underfloor heating. With its authentic appearance, the EMILIA 60x60 adds a touch of vintage charm to any space.

Our Italian terrazzo tiles are made from marble or basalt granules, also known as aggregates, Portland cement, and water. This mixture is pressed into large blocks under high pressure, then cut into slabs, and finally shaped into the desired tile size. Terrazzo is highly durable, wear-resistant, and suitable for high-traffic areas.

Terrazzo Installation

 Follow the step-by-step instructions in our laying and maintenance advice, which you can download below.

Laying and Maintenance Products 

Together with the companies Lithofin and Kiesel, we offer a perfectly matched range of laying and maintenance articles for our terrazzo. You can naturally order these from us. All information about the maintenance products can be downloaded below.

Ordering, Delivery, and Shipping 

From our extensive stock, we can deliver anywhere in Europe within 4 to 5 working days. However, one of our strengths is custom projects, and in such cases, delivery times and shipping are always subject to consultation. Normally, we deliver using reputable carriers, but you can also pick up the tiles yourself at our warehouse in Alkmaar or our showroom in Breda. Returns of tiles are only accepted in fully undamaged boxes and at your own cost.
Ordering Samples 
To get a good impression of our products, we always recommend ordering a few examples/samples in advance via our webshop. The sample costs will, of course, be deducted from any subsequent order.


 The warranty period is always one year from delivery. The warranty only applies to manufacturing defects and when using our Lithofin laying and maintenance products. Claims cannot be made for tiles that have already been processed.

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