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Mozaiek 023

Size: 30x25x1,5cm
For tile type: Mozaiek zelliges
price per m2: € 684,94

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Product description
Our zellige masters in Fez are true artists when it comes to creating intricate and often geometric zellige patterns. This art form has been applied for centuries in the Middle East on many mosques, palaces, and government buildings, but the creations are now also gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

Installation of Zellige Mosaic

Because a zellige pattern can consist of many small pieces, correctly setting a complex zellige pattern is almost an impossible task. To overcome this issue, the zelliges are pre-assembled in the factory on panels measuring 30 x 30 cm. There are 11 panels per square meter, which can be processed quickly and easily.

Laying and Maintenance 

 Zellige mosaic doesn't require much maintenance. Occasional cleaning with our Lithofin Wash and Clean or simply water with green soap is also sufficient. We recommend pre-treating the wall with Kiesel Octamus UG30 primer for better adhesion. For gluing, use Kiesel Servolight S1 Supertec, and for grouting, use Kiesel Servoperl grey or silver-grey grout.

Ordering, Delivery, and Shipping 

Zellige patterns are always custom-made for each customer. The delivery time depends on the design and is at least 12 weeks from the order date. We discuss in advance how we can best deliver. Since these panels are uniquely made for each customer, returns are not possible.

Ordering Samples 

The minimum order unit is one square meter. You can see what we offer on our website, but if you want something different, you can always discuss this with us.


 The warranty is valid for one year from the delivery date. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and when the recommended laying and maintenance products are used. As mosaic zelliges are exclusively made for the customer, exchanges are not possible. We do not accept reclamations for already installed tile works.


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