Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Cement Tiles
NOTE BEFOREHAND; Always read our laying and maintenance guide before installing the tiles to achieve the best result.

1) What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 hours.

2) Are cement tiles always exactly the same size and thickness?
Cement tiles are completely made by hand, therefore thickness and size are not
always exactly the same, we do our utmost to keep this difference as small as possible.

3) I see a color difference between several tiles, is this normal?
Yes, color difference between several times is perfectly normal, this is because the tiles are completely made by hand. This is one of the charming features of a genuine cement tile floor. The best method to create a balanced colour pallet is to randomly pick tiles out of several boxes. Claims on slight colour differences are not accepted.

4) What kind of underfloor do I need to use?
The best underfloor is a completely dry dust free, fat free and flat cement based floor. Do never lay the cement tiles in a wet (chap) floor this will cause stains in the tiles that can never be removed again.

5) What is the best way to store the cement tiles before use?
If you do not use the tiles immediately, it best to store the tiles in a dry dark place in the original unopened boxes.

6) I see white stains before laying is this normal?
Yes, this is perfectly normal, the stains should be fading once the floor is placed, If you want to make sure that it is OKE, you can send us a picture of the tiles before laying. You can send your mail to We will provide you with advise.

7) Do I need to impregnate the cement tiles, if yes how many times?
Yes, impregnating is always needed. although we impregnate our tiles twice before they are leave our factory, further impregnation is still needed. This first impregnation layer is done when the floor is placed but not grouted yet, the second and third layer are done when the floor is grouted, allow 24 hours between every layer that you apply. Furthermore we advise you to impregnate the floor once every year.

8) Are cement tiles UV vast?
Although we use the best raw materials available, the tiles are not completely UV vast, therefore, we advise not to lay them in the full blast sun. If you choose to do so, it is your own account. Claims on UV vastness will not be accepted.

9) Are cement tiles frost vast?
We advise to not use cement tiles outside, if freezing occurs in your country, Freezing might crack the tiles. In warmer climates, cement tiles can be used outside, provided that they are sheltered against heavy rains and full sunshine. (just like terra cotta).

10) What kind grout should be used?
Always use a light grey, or silver grey grout, never use a dark grout this might stain the tiles.

11) What kind of adhesive should be used?
Use variable adhesive bed, ask your tile setter, he will know what to do. Use an adhesive that is also suitable for non white natural stone. We can supply the best suitable adhesive.

12) Before laying
Lay a line of tiles first before applying the adhesive so you can see the pattern in order to avoid mistakes. Soak the tiles shortly in clean water before applying the adhesive.. Apply adhesive both on the floor and on the backside of the tile.

13) How can I remove cement stain after laying?
When laying, work meter by meter, and clean often with clean water and a clean cloth. This will avoid that cement stains are formed on the tiles,. If cement stains do occur, use our stain remover from Akemi, which can be ordered with us.

14) How can I remove other stains?
When, oil, coffee, wine, or lemon is spilled, remove immediately with a damp whet cloth. In the event a stain still occurs, we advise to clean with a Berdy product Generally speaking, the longer it takes before the stain is treated, the more difficult it gets to remove the stain. NEVER use an alcalic cleaner such as Antical, or an other acid detergent, this will ruin your floor completely and can never be restored again.

15) How should I do the maintenance of the floor?
Mob the floor once a week, add a dash of Berdy Pirate in the water
Impregnate the floor once a year to keep the floor in good condition.

16) Which additional products do I need to order to lay the floor?
-adhesive medium thickness (this adhesive is also suitable for natural stone)
-grout, middle grey or silver grey
-cement stain remover
-impregnation applicant
-general stain remover
-maintenance applicant.
Is goes without saying that you are completely free to choose where to buy these products, however we advise you to buy them with us at the same time when you order your tiles for various reasons; 1) You will be sure to receive the right product I the right amount 2) The products will be delivered together with your tiles 3) It will be cheaper for you since the tile setter or sales point will add a margin to this product which is needless to pay for you. 4) We cannot accept claims if you choose to work with other products, since we do not know the technical characteristics of these products.

Please check our website for further specifications. For ease of use we have created several complete parcels that will cater to your needs.

17) Can cement tiles be used in the bathroom?
Yes, cement tiles can be perfectly used in bathrooms, also in the shower cabin, provided that the cabin wall is completely water tight before the tiles are placed, please take care not use an alcalic aggressive acid detergent such as Antikal, Chloor, or cleaning acid. Use our soft soap Berdy Pirate. Also make sure you use a flexible water tight grout.

18) Can I make the tiles extra anti slip?
Yes, we can make the tiles extra anti slip upon request at a small surcharge. Please note that we do not have anti slip on stock thus you do need to take a longer lead time into account.

19) Is it possible to use floor heating under the cement tiles?
Yes, floor heating is perfectly suitable for cement tiles, the floor will feel very comfortable for a long time, therefore, you use lless energy than normal heating would require.

20) Do I need to order extra tiles?
We advise to order 10% extra, because walls are never perfectly straight and you always have small corners and wall sockets or taps and tubes which require extra tiles.

21) Do you provide samples for free?
We invoice you beforehand for samples and transportation costs, however, when you place a nice order with us of at least 5m2 we will deduct the sample costs from the invoice.

22) What about the guarantee?
Inspect the tiles once you receive them, if something is wrong, contact us within 48 hours. On floors that are placed we will not accept claims

23) Can I return unused tiles?
Yes, you can return tiles that are not used back to us, provided that they are in unopened original boxes and in mint condition, if this is done properly we will refund the amount of the received boxes. Return these boxes to sales point where you have bought the tiles.

24) Do you always have tiles on stock?
We have our most common tiles usually in stock, otherwise ask your dealer to inform for you with us.

25) What is the lead time if you have the tiles on stock?
When we have the tiles in stock, we can order within a week either to the sales point of your order or directly to the building site, if preferred.

26) If you do not have the tiles on stock, how long is the lead time?
If we do not have the tiles on stock the lead time is depending on the size, the order quantity and space in containers and the room in the pipeline. Ask your dealer and he will inform for you.

27) Can I pick up my tile order?
Yes, you can pick up your order at our warehouse in Alkmaar, the Netherlands during normal opening hours. Do make an appointment beforehand so we can make sure your order is ready for you. Mail us at or call us as +31 (0)76 572 9082.

28) Do I always have to pay transportation costs?
Yes, you always have to pay for transportation costs, based on the original transpiration invoice. Orders with a higher amount than € 10.000,00 are delivered free house in the Benelux.

29) Can I make my own color combinations?
Sure you can make your own color combination! Use our special program on our website. Choose your tile and fill it up with up to 6 colours out of our standard colour range that consists of 75 colours. If your happy with your design you can upload it in the floor application and start building your own floor. Of course we are happy to assist you. Our factory can make this tiles especially for you. The lead time can be as long as three months, but it is worth to wait since you are the only one that will have this floor.

30) What is the order quantity and what are the costs of making my own colour combination?
The minimum order quantity is 5m2 in which you can use several different designs.
When your own color combination contains 3 colours or less, the surcharge is 10% over the advised retail price. If your own colour combination contains 4, 5 or 6 colours, the surcharge is 15% on the advised retail price. If your order is smaller than 5 square meter the surcharge is 25% on the advised retail price. Since this order is specially made for you, we require a 50% downpayment on the order date. We could make single samples for you for free as long as you pay the transportation costs.

31) What are the sizes and thickness of cement tiles?
The most commonly used size is 20 x 20 x 1,6 cm We have a multitude of other sizes and thicknesses on offer for example;
-20 x 20 x 1,2 cm (equally strong as the 1,6 thickness)
-14 x 14 x 1,6 cm and 14 x 14 x 1,2 cm
-15 x 15 x 1,6 cm and 15 x 15 x 1,2 cm
-30 x 30 x 2,0 cm
-40 x 40 x 2,0 cm
-60 x 60 x 2,5 cm
- next to that we offer hexagonals, octagonals, plinths, lantern shapes, fish scales, interlocks and so on. If you still cannot find the size you need, we can often make your shape as a special request.

32) Can you replicate old tiles?
Yes, replicating old tiles is one of our fortés. We are often approached by Architects and builders that restore old buildings, to help them out to replace or restore damaged or uncomplete (cement tiled) floors and walls. We can even make small series and odd sizes. We always make one sample first, if that is approved by our client we will start the actual production.

33) Do you also sell stock lots at better prices?
Yes, we do sell stock lots at better prices, please check our website for an overview.
The tiles are sold on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. We try to keep the stock locks updatedon our website but we cannot guarantee that what you see on our website is always accurate. Next to that not all stock lots are always seen on our website, thus it might be worthwhile to come to our Breda showroom.

34) Do you offer design services?
Yes, we offer design service or free, If you send us the layout of your plan and a general idea of what you want (the more specific the better) we can make you several proposals and help you to choose the best option.

35) I am a consumer, can I buy directly from you?
Yes, you can buy directly from us in our Breda showroom only. We will quote you the same prices as you will get at your local dealer. But you will have the best overview and the largest selection possible in our showroom.

36) I do not live in the Netherlands, can you send the tiles abroad?
Yes, we can ship world wide.

37) How high are these costs?
This depends on the weight, the country where you live, and the mode of transportation. We will always seek the cheapest and fastest way to get your order to you. Transportation costs will have to be approved beforehand by you, transportation costs, should always be paid in advance.

38) Why are cement tiles more expensive than ceramic tiles?
Because they are handmade by highly trained and skilled artisans using processes that are century old and time intensive and because we pay a fair price for their handicraft and knowledge. This results in floors that are so much more beautiful thus for a bit higher price you will enjoy a floor that gets more beautiful year after year and lasts a lifetime. This can never be achieved with a completely machine produced tile.

39) Can I order your tiles online?
Yes, you can order our tiles online, however, we advise you to visit a sales point first before you make your choice.

40) I want to use an expert tile setter for your cement tiles can you recommend somebody?
In general any professional tile setter could place our tiles as long as they follow the instructions in the Lay and Maintenance guide. However when you live in the Benelux we work with a team of experts. Please note that these specialists always have a full schedule, thus it might take a while before they can do your floor. Contact us for information.

41) Do you produce eco friendly and sustainable?
Yes, our cement tiles are 100% eco friendly. We work hard every day to further reduce our waste. Currently we have already reduced our waste wit 98%. All our packing is made of recycled materials. Our factories are all ISO 2009, SA 8000 and TUF approved, which is next to not existing in the handmade tile industry. It goes without saying that the tiles are produced without any child labor whatsoever. Our workers earn a decent salary, have pension plans, free medical services and clean working spaces.

42) Are technical information sheets available?
Yes, we can send you technical information sheets upon request